Petition: Safer La Jolla Boulevard Speed Limit

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Lower speed limits save lives and prevent injuries.

The speed limit on La Jolla Boulevard between Pacific Beach and Bird Rock is too high at 35 mph!

This includes the well-trafficked but dangerous crossing at the world-famous Tourmaline Surf Park destination.

Sign the petition here.

35mph is a higher speed than all the other commercial/residential streets that connect with La Jolla Boulevard, so drivers are encouraged to dangerously SPEED UP.

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This stretch of La Jolla Boulevard between Loring Street and Colima Street is entirely residential, with only one commercial business that actually has an entrance on Turquoise Street.

  • Mission Bay Boulevard is 30mph.
  • Turquoise Street is 25mph
  • Loring Street is 25 and 20mph.
  • And the speed limit at the La Jolla Boulevard/Colima Street roundabout is 15mph! With no transition from 35mph.

I support lowering the speed limit on La Jolla Boulevard!

Sign the petition here.


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