Lower Speed Limits Possible With Recent City Council Steps

 Wanted to share two bits of good news about the campaign to lower the speed limit on La Jolla Boulevard (and on other San Diego streets).

  1. The San Diego City Council 2024 Budget Priorities memo specifically references Assembly Bill 43-- the 2021 law our campaign has pointed to-- that empowers California municipalities to lower the speed limit without onerous, lengthy costly and safety-delaying red tape.

Some of the language is:

  • "Utilize AB 43 to lower speed limits across the city’s business and residential corridors, making a priority to those that have experienced high levels of traffic fatalities, speeding, crashes, and areas with highly concentrated vulnerable pedestrian groups such as bicyclists, children, seniors, persons with disabilities, users of personal assistive mobility devices, and the unhoused."

        2. Councilmember Stephen Whitburn followed up the Council memo with a direct letter to the Transportation Director requesting that San Diego identify streets and use the power of AB43 to lower the speed limit.

We want to move with this momentum and will be sure to tell the city and our elected officials that La Jolla Boulevard between Loring and Colima should be at the top of the list.

Our online petition is at 155 people. Can you help us get it to 200?

Please share it with a friend, neighbor, or family member and ask them to sign the petition today.


"I signed this petition to help make our San Diego streets safer. please sign this petition today. Thank you."

Thanks again for your support!

Respect Bird Rock team


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