Bike to Work Day Success

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Pit Stop/Energizer Stations will greet cyclists on Bike to Work (Wherever) Day, May 19, 2022 

Surf Lounge Repeat at 763 Turquoise Street is one of the 100 stops throughout San Diego

Thousands of metropolitan San Diego commuters will leave their cars at home Thursday, May 19th  to take part in the safe return of Bike to Work (Anywhere) Day (BTWD), boosting their physical and mental health, supporting environmental goals, and saving money, This regional event has been going on for more than 30 years.

Many of this year’s BTWD participants are telecommuters who plan on biking to a local pit (energizing) stop to pick up their free t-shirt before heading back home (or lingering) to start the workday. The first registrants who attend will receive the Bike to Work Day 2022 commemorative shirt. Register here.

Surf Lounge Repeat surf shop and cafe at 763 Turquoise Street in North Pacific Beach is one of the 100 BTWD pitstops throughout San Diego from 6 am to 9am.

“Events like Bike to Work Day go a long way in bringing together our local communities and promoting a healthy and fun and environmentally sustainable commuting option while doing so,” said Respect Bird Rock.

Surf Lounge Repeat and Respect Bird Rock have curated the best stop in San Diego with:

  • Free t-shirt for registered participants-register here or on the day

  • Coffee and cafe discounts- think ghee and more- served by @alexkelso

  • Live surfboard shaping at times by @dframz

  • FREE bike tune-up by San Diego Electric Bike Shop - @sdebike

  • Pop up book shop by Migrant Society- @migrant.society

  • FREE raffle (9am) sign up on the spot 6am-9am, no need to be present to win:

  1. Pizza pie by Mr. Moto Pizza- @mrmotopizza

  2. Sunglasses by Knockaround- @knockaround

BTWD promotes bicycling as a healthy commuting option that lowers commuting costs, reduces vehicle wear and tear, lessens traffic congestion, encourages healthier lifestyles, and improves air quality. The event, which comes during May’s Mental Health Awareness Month, also celebrates the powerful effect exercise has on physical and mental health. 

“Bike to Work Day also presents an opportunity to remind ourselves of the important role exercise plays in maintaining physical and mental health,” they added. “We’re excited to see our participants have the opportunity to get outside, engage with the community and hop on their bicycles or scooters or skateboards for an energizing morning ride. And we are grateful to all the partners coming together to strengthen our community.” 

For commuters and teleworkers and anyone who hasn't signed up—there is still time. It's fast, free, and easy to register for BTWD here. Join the conversation on social media at #BiketoWorkSD.​ 




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